We find and restore original vintage furniture and home accessories, breathing new life into well made, good quality items from the past.
The process begins at local auctions, antiques fairs and markets buying from small, independent sellers from the UK and the rest of Europe. We then take our treasures back to the studio where they are carefully and sympathetically restored.


Our style is difficult to characterise, but it is safe to say its eclectic! We aim to offer our customers a range of furniture and home ware that feels both personal and unique. We try to stock interesting and beautiful things, and are very keen on timeless qualities, the authentic and well made.

You will find anything from rustic tableware and vintage enamel to hand dyed French linens, utility & mid century furniture items and our original reupholstered vintage chairs. We are gradually adding to the range a collection of stylish and covetable artist & craft made home wares and decorative accessories.


Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker


Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker BA-12

We have a massive soft spot for early plastics and vintage Bakelite at Homeward.

The variation of colours and patterns is what fascinates and the fact that each item is unique.

Plastic as a material revolutionized design and manufacture during the 1920s and 1930's. Nowadays we like to keep our plastic consumption vintage or recycled at Homeward!

Bandalasta is a trade name and these beakers would originally have been part of a picnic set. The marbling effect in browns, orange and cream are beautiful and entirely ramdom. We thought they made a nice pen pot for your desk.

Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker Vintage Bakelite/ Bandalasta Ware Beaker


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SOME of our recent restoration projects. We lovingly restore vintage furniture using traditional hand painting skills and professionally reupholster with selected high quality fabrics from British designers


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