Homeward Cottrills Clog Shop, High St, Biddulph

Cottrills Clog Shop, High St, Biddulph

I love this picture! It hangs on the wall at Mum & Dads and has had copies made of it and passed around the family, so hangs on a few other walls including a local pub in Biddulph at one time! We think it must have been taken by the local paper back in the day and then archived leaving it available for the pub chain to find and use.


It’s of my great, great grandma Charlotte Cottrill outside her clog shop which opened in 1925 at 33 High St Biddulph. They made clogs there for the colliers and ironworkers who made up the greater part of the male population of Biddulph at that time. They offered a boot and shoe repairing service and sold boot polishes too. If you look closely you can see new clogs in the window to the left hand side of the picture.