mid century style upholstered stools

Hand made by Homeward midcentury style oak upholstered footstool



Homeward designed & made midcentury oak foot stool with Thorody Block Print

These little stools have been a while in the making….!

Based on an original 1950s stool a friend had found at Camden passage and one I coveted and became a little bit obsessed with, I admit to spending quite a few years searching them out on eBay and at fairs.

I found them mostly butchered with hideous replacement fabric badly stapled and stretched over the top of the original Dunlopillo latex foam pad .

My friends had the original 50s cloth in a pale yellow heavy cotton with a white running stitch check design which was just lovely. This did sadly disintegrated with use but years later I was thrilled to find one of these little stools,its legs hacked off to short stumps but rather amazingly with its original fabric intact,¬†hiding underneath a dirty and ugly mockette but this time in a different colour way of brown and white. We have this original one at home…

We basically took this stool apart, restored it as best we could by making it some new legs and carefully unpicked the upholstery cloth so that we could replace its crumbling foam pad.


It was this process that formed the basis of getting our stools into production as we were able to see how the originals were upholstered and how we could improve on their construction, their size and shape.