About the project

I liked the size, shape and simplicity of this little Edwardian hall robe. Made from solid wood it was well made and importantly for me had little embellishment other than a couple of simple details to the panels on the front. This left me with nice uninterrupted smooth, flat areas that are perfect for painting.


I wanted to try this technique again – a decorative patterned combed glaze but on a larger piece in a more muted colour way to see how it looked.

You can see in the pictures that the areas were divided up, masked off , painted then left to dry before tackling the next section. It was done quite spontaneously with the sections and patterns dictated by the space I had to work within and the size of the rubber comb I was using to make the marks.

In the end I took the entire front of the piece away to turn this into a more useable free standing set of open shelves.